Oblima pricing

The pricing system on the Oblima platform evolves around a simple licensing system. As managing attorney, you decide which licenses should apply to each of your clients.

To make things fair the prices of the licenses are based on the number of trademark registration your client has – and you only pay for the active registrations. You don’t pay for expired registrations or registrations that aren’t meant to be renewed


0.29 USD per active registration per month

Allows you to manage clients and their portfolios: trademarks, registrations, designs, and domains.

Give your clients real-time access to a complete overview of their portfolio via the platform.

Show your clients their expected renewal costs, upcoming renewals, deadlines and much much more.

Communicate directly with your clients through the platform in the context of specific registrations, allowing for a very easy way to make informed decisions.


0.49 USD per active registration per month

Gain access to the world-wide network of Oblima agents and let them execute renewals and applications in countries where you’re not represented

Allow your clients to execute on renewals and applications directly from the platform with your own fees applied – and with the option to use the Oblima network.

Easy communication regarding specific orders between you, the client and a potential executing agent.

Gain access to pre-approved prices from our network. No surprises.
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You will only receive on monthly invoice from Oblima covering your entire client portfolio based on the active licenses.