The future of IP management

Our worldwide network of lawyers have collaborated to create a platform where companies can manage their IP themselves or with the assistance of a lawyer of their own choice.

This saves money but allowing you to choose which tasks you need assistance for and which you can do yourself.


Network of lawyers

The Oblima platform allows you to monitor and renew your trademark registrations and file applications in new merging markets through our vast network of lawyers, who are also able to assist if your IP-rights are being infringed.

Lots of tools

Successful management of IP requires a precise overview of the portfolio and costs associated with filing and renewing registrations, as well as the tools to analyze and optimize the portfolio according to the future innovation and markets. At Oblima you will have access to all of them.

Infringement information

IP-rights are sometimes infringed but with our watch service and free AI infringement tool, we can help make sure that action against infringements can be taken swiftly, through our network of lawyers or by your in-house counsel.